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Tender Moments


Our Tender Moments collection features sweet, memorable rhymes with beautifully detailed illustrations in a square board book format. Perfect for children ages 0-36 months just beginning to enjoy reading with their loved ones.

SRP: $8.99
Page Count: 20
Ages: 0-36mo
Trim size: 8 x 8
Format: Padded, Cased Board Book

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The Learnalots

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The Learnalots brand provides a rich learning experience for children, building their confidence and enthusiasm in literacy, science, health & fitness, creative arts, and much more while still having fun! Building a child’s confidence and enthusiasm for learning at an early age fosters a love for discovery and future success.

Our goal is to inspire children, and those who care for them, to learn something new every day.

Five Key Features of the Learning System:

1. Eight Subjects: Literacy, math, science, art, social skills, music, health and nature

2. Essential concepts and skills in core subject areas: The content is based on national standards for early learning

3. Parent/Child Interactive: Activities designed for parents and children to complete together. Research has proven that children learn better when their parents are actively involved in their education.

4. Fun: The Learnalot characters help make learning fun! The characters model the wonder, adventure, and fun of learning new things.

5. Builds Confidence: Success builds success! The activities break educational concepts into simple steps that young children can understand.

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Board Books

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Rainstorm Publishing board books deliver the highest quality board with a wide selection of illustration styles, special effects, and subjects. We pride ourselves in working with unique and creative author and illustrators, choosing a format that enhances the topic, and designing covers that stand out on a shelf. 


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